Why Outsource Your Email Marketing?

Marketing departments have a lot to contend with – lead generation, PPC, SEO, website design, social media, PR, content creation to name a few.

With a lot of aspects to deal with being able to outsource a significant chunk of it can help to ensure that you can take some of the heat off your marketing department and get results.

Email marketing is a dedicated department in itself and is not something that everyone can do successfully without full dedication and subject matter expertise.

In-house sourcing vs outsourcing is always a tough decision. Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean losing control, quite the opposite. With outsourcing you can focus on strategy and results, instead of the grunt work of the execution.

Here is we believe most small and medium sized business must outsource their email marketing to experts:

# 1 – Cost

The predominant reason to outsource is to contain costs. According to Salary.com the average Marketing Director salary is $131,866 excluding benefits and payroll taxes which usually average at least 20% of salary. Including these the total average cost for a marketing director is $158,239.

According to Salary.com the job description of a Marketing Director is:

Directs and oversees an organization’s marketing policies, objectives, and initiatives. Conducts market research and develops marketing plans for specific products, services, or business lines. Reviews changes to the marketplace and industry and adjusts marketing plan accordingly.

Which means most Marketing Directors manage the overall plan but don’t produce the content or perform the plan execution on a daily basis.

It’s a catch 22. Most small businesses cannot afford a Marketing Director and a junior person. A junior person might be great for executing the email marketing plan but that person is generally not good at developing the strategy.

Hiring us as your external email marketing department to do both the strategic planning as well as the daily execution eliminates the need for either a Marketing Director or a junior executive.

You know your costs upfront and only pay for results. As your external email marketing department, we take all email marketing headaches off you.

#2 - Strategy

Unfortunately most SMBs fall behind on the strategy behind their email marketing. It’s not just about sending an email campaign to your database, it’s a lot more than that and it requires experience and expertise. Your email marketing starts with understanding who is your ideal customer and why your business is different.

In today’s marketplace, the more you segment your database the higher your conversion rates will be and the lower your acquisition costs will be. Email marketing allows you to achieve that and automate the process. This is often referred as “straw” marketing instead of wide funnel marketing. When you laser-focus your marketing message to your ideal customer they are much more likely to respond because you are talking specifically to their problem. This highly strategic approach approach requires email marketing experts, an email marketing team that can help you identify your ideal customer and establish what makes you stand out.

# 3 - Out of the Box Thinking

An external email marketing team will have a broader range of experience to pull from the fact that they work with a number of companies, company sizes and industries. An experienced external marketing team will assimilate and improve on what they have learned in other industries and bring those best practices to your business. Because they will be working with other clients when you engage them, they will bring highly timely information about what’s working and not working in the email world at that specific point in time.

# 4 – Fresh Eyes

When you are writing email copy or setting out an email campaign strategy from within your company, it’s easy to do things a certain way because ‘that’s the way you’ve always done it.

Hiring an outsource team brings many sets of fresh eyes and an external viewpoint at a fraction of the cost and complexity of hiring an in-house email marketing team. By getting ideas and opinions from people with an objective perspective you can benefit from a rejuvenation of your current marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Us As Your Outsourced Email Marketing Department?

With over 10 years of combined direct marketing experience, DVFX has the expertise needed to succeed in some of the most competitive online markets.

Think of us as your email marketing department – book your free email marketing audit now.

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