Tiz is an online entrepreneur.

He graduated summa cum laude from LUISS University, Italy with a BSc in Business Administration. He was then awarded with an MSc in Mathematics from Imperial College, London in 2006.

Claire is the co-founder and partner in DVFX.

In 2013, she took on the role of Business Development Director for a successful online survey company, after having launched her own venture into online marketing in 2011.

She founded a number of web based businesses for natural health remedies, weight-loss techniques and fitness programs, and went on to develop a number of successful B2C website businesses.

She graduated from Sussex University, UK with a BA in Media Studies in 2005.

Aleks entered the world of internet marketing back in 2006 with the purest motive possible, to rank his girlfriend’s website high in search engines. After that first success, he got addicted to the game of SEO and online marketing and started working on it professionally.

Aleks worked as an SEO expert for several internet marketing companies, and had his own SEO agency before he joined the DVFX crew. If you ask him about one thing he’s not modest about, you would hear him bragging how he have foreseen every major Google’s algorithm update.

Sakshi hails from the foothills of Himalayas, India. She loves music and technology. A seasoned web developer, she has been successful in building numerous web projects from scratch.

Graduating in 2012 with a Computer Science major, she has been building beautiful websites ever since. Code is her poetry and good music is her coffee. Also her singing is a plus.

Judy focuses on customer support and business development specializing in  ecommerce-related startups.

Judy graduated with a BSc in Foreign Services (1995).


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