“We Just Signed Up With Silverpop. What Next? Help!”

Not to worry – we can take over for you!

If you are one of the many companies who have moved to Silverpop Engage to benefit from the “deep, behaviour-based customer insights” offered from this intuitive engagement engine, then what you now need is an intuitive engagement email marketing campaign to implement into it.

DVFX provide one of the very first dedicated, comprehensive email marketing packages specifically for Silverpop users. With our help, you will have a fully integrated automated email marketing campaign running in your Silverpop account in as little as 4 weeks!

What do we do?

With our extensive experience building advanced email marketing automation integrating Silverpop Engage we design campaigns guaranteed to increase sales, engagement and customer retention.

Our done for you email Silverpop packages include:

  • Lead capture pages/offers
  • List segmentation/behavioural segmentation
  • Targeted email funnels
  • Client relationship development
  • Email content creation
  • Publishing & technical implementation
  • A/B testing
  • Statistical analysis & optimisation
What's the process like?

1. Free Email Marketing Strategy Audit

We start off by finding out from you about your current marketing set up, who your audience is, what your business goals are in regards to your campaign, what are your leads interested in and where we can segment your leads for hyper-targeted audience engagement.

The point here is to identify your ultimate goal/s for your email campaigns and analyse how we can provide you with a marketing automation strategy for you to reach it.

2. Email Database Cleansing

We remove all the invalid email addresses (typos, inactive email addresses, etc). We also remove potential “complainers”, email addresses of known people who report legitimate emails as spam.

3. Landing Page Design

Based on your traffic sources and ultimate goal, we design fully functional, professional quality lead capture and squeeze pages with trigger buttons, images and text to increase your list building conversions.

Sign up fields within your lead pages will be integrated with Silverpop account.

Landing pages can be designed and provided as HTML (externally) or if preferred, from within your Silverpop account for easy access to any future changes and optimization you may choose to make at a later date.

4. Lead Magnet Provision

If you don’t have something to entice your potential clients to join your email list, you could be losing out on a huge number of potential customer sign ups.

We can create for you a tailored e-book or short video to encourage sign ups to result in a targeted list of motivated leads, which we set up to be delivered to your clients through emails or delivered via thank you page delivery.

5. Email Funnel Creation

We design an automated email funnel which outlines full details of the email sequence/s, showing how we will reach the ultimate goal. The sequence will include email type, email content topic, product/service included, email send frequency and purpose of each individual email plotted.

6. Email Copywriting

Our expert, professional copywriters provide you with hyper-targeted email copy which will effectively communicate with each of your prospects.
The result of many years of experience are emails that get opened, get read, and get results.

7. Email Template Design

After establishing the main design points required in your email templates with you (such as logo, branding colours etc) we will design and create the HTML code for your email template for you – typography, images and colours can all be personalized to suit your business branding.

This can be done within your Silverpop account using the email template designer, or for more complex designs we can create these externally and import the HTML coding of your design into your account.

8. Email Re-Engagement Templates

A common pitfall faced by many businesses is having a list of dead or inactive leads that you need to reactivate and re-engage with. If you have a list of email contacts that you would like to “wake up” and monetize, then our email re-engagement email series templates can help you turn them back into interested, active buyers and clients.

9. Email Implementation

Not very technical? We will do all the Silverpop integration for you to ensure your emails are uploaded and being sent correctly and on time.

10. Segmentation

To make sure that you are always sending your leads targeted and highly relevant content, we can set up the segmentation in your campaigns using the behavioural database tools available in Silverpop using industry best practices.

Types of targeting/segmentation based on lead action/behaviours could include; clicks, clicks on a specific link, bounces, and non-activity to name a few.

10. Email Monitoring and Optimization

We can guarantee the best results from your email campaign with Inspired Publishing. After your emails have started to be send out, we monitor and optimize the key performance metrics of the campaign, including open rates, click-thru rates, subject line performance and responsiveness.

Based on the results of our performance analysis, we will tweak and adjust your email campaigns to maximize results. We will also make use of the Send Time Optimization feature in your Silverpop account as well as the possibility of testing messages across multiple audiences where appropriate.

What's in it for you?

You maximize every email message to your leads and customers to drive new sales and profits.

With our Silverpop packages you will benefit from:

  • Capturing motivated, interested leads
  • Nurturing prospects and customers
  • Converting prospects to customers
  • Delivering your product
  • Up-selling and repeat sales
  • Referrals

With Silverpop’s behavioural segmentation, you always send the right message to the right people…for maximum engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue.

What's next?

Inspired Publishing can help you utilize the power of email marketing to grow your business, communicate with customers and expand your sales without taking your precious time away from important business operations.

Silverpop uses customer data and individual behaviours to drive personalized interactions in real time and Inspired Publishing are here to help you take your business to the next level by developing, creating, implementing and optimizing automated Silverpop email marketing campaigns.

Take advantage of a free, no-obligation consultation where we will discuss your marketing requirements and answer any questions you may have about Silverpop or Silverpop email marketing.

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