Ray Karpuska is the mastermind behind most videos of product launches of sales & marketing leaders such as Jordan Belfort aka “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Forbes top 5 executive coach Jay Abraham, ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson, 2009 Marketer of the Year Mike Koenigs, etc.

Videos are beyond powerful when it comes to doing any type of business online. They are a must.

In this interview Ray goes deep under “what meets the eye” in video marketing and reveals the secrets that make videos pull tens of millions of dollars in sales and beyond. And most of it happens without the viewer even noticing…

Key points in the interview:

– 14.18: The real purpose of video animation
– 15.39: The 3 stages of online video sales letters and video animation
– 16.21: The ONE CORE belief behind ALL successful video sales letters
– 17.22: The ONE KEY difference between copywriting and video sales letters
– 22.14: The purpose of the introduction to any video or animation
– 26.15: The importance of subliminal messaging in video sales letters
– 27.38: How to create emotional rollercoasters on video
– 34.01: Why video trumps text and audio every time
– 35.00: Subliminal messaging on video
– 47.14: How to insert subliminal messages in even just simple PowerPoint slides
– 56.06: Recommended reading for maximising sales through subliminal messaging
– 57.22: The 4 layers of selling
– 58.10: The 3 elements of belief behind ANY sale (this is KILLER!)



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