Marketing for the Legal Profession, London 2015

The legal industry has moved past quality. Whilst this is still very important, market positioning will drive success (or failure) in 2015.

Tiz G. Corta, CEO, DVFX

Here are 7 steps to a superior lead nurturing program presented by Men Manentzos, Business Development Manager at DVFX:

1. Have a system. While you can have a manual system, automation is the way to go for cost-efficiency and consistency. This will also help stopping leads from falling through the cracks.

2. Track everything. Having a system in place will also allow you to track all the actions that prospective clients are taking along the path to becoming a client.

3. Respond quickly. An automated system will shoot off an email within seconds of someone registering interest. Following with with a prospect within 24 hours of the initial inquiry will increase the chances of him becoming a client by 92%. Research has shown that leads can go from hot to cold in just five minutes!

4. Stay in touch. A good marketing automation system will enable you to identify the best times to keep in touch with people. Put your leads on your monthly e-newsletter list; ask their permission first.

5. Offer value. Send your leads a free report, white paper or eBook that provides them with something of value and place yourself in a position of authority and expertise.

6. Ask for the business. Your business development manager(s) should be trained on listening for cues when people are ready to commit and move to the next step.

7. Learn from mistakes. Understand what doesn’t work and adjust your lead generation and marketing strategy accordingly.

Event Agenda:

1. Position Yourself As A Specialist To Become The Go-To Attorney

2. Identify Your Ideal Target Market To Retain Ideal Clients

3. Develop a Unique Competitive Advantage And Crush Your Competition

4. Business Development Strategies for Attorneys To Grow Your Firm

5. Increase Client Retention & Referrals – Have a Stream Of Qualified Leads

6. Staying “Front Of Mind” Is a Must If You Want Clients, Referrals & Cash Flow

7. Turning More Browsers Into Buyers At Every Conversion Stage

8. Build An Online Presence So You Can Leverage Your Time and Attract More Clients

Who attended?

Partners at small to medium-sized law firms

Solo legal practitioners

Business managers and internal legal marketing Staff

Legal associates either looking to grow their book of new clients in the next 6-12 months or want to launch their own private practice

For more insights from Men Manentzos, watch this video:

If you were not able to make it to the event, but want to get all the benefits and learn how to apply all that was taught, get in touch now.

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