Marketing for the Dental Profession, London 2015

“The speed at which the internet is impacting the dental profession is taking everyone by surprise. Digital marketing is no longer an option. It will allow smart professionals to thrive and cause everyone else to struggle.”

Tiz G. Corta, CEO, DVFX

The 2015 ‘Marketing for the Dental Profession’ Event in London has been a sensational day of keynote speakers.

Is email marketing dead? One of the keynote speakers, Chris Demetriou, Business Development Manager at DVFX certainly does not think so…

Here’s how Chris advised the participants to integrate e-mail marketing in their practices; from how to get contact details to how to use them to greatest effect:

Ask. It’s simple yet often forgotten step. When I made my initial appointment, my dentist asked for my email address. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

What’s in it for me? Some people (like my mom) are still hesitant to give out their email address. If you are going to take the time to ask customers for their personal information, tell them what’s in it for them. The receptionist told me that the staff would use my email address to remind me of appointments. Simple, yet powerful.

Follow-through. Too often, marketers set expectations yet either don’t follow through or stray from the promise. Sure enough, though, two days before my scheduled appointment, the confirmation email landed in my inbox.

Simple, clean design. Remember, it’s an appointment reminder. With a quick glance, I knew exactly when my appointment was.

Integration. I can easily add the appointment to my calendar, map the location with Google, view my account online, and even refer a friend. Finally (I know this from asking the receptionist), when I confirm my appointment it updates the practice’s system. If I do not confirm via email, a staffer will call me the day before. Cool, right? They are doing their best to minimize the chance that I will miss my appointment.

Additional emails: Besides my appointment-reminder emails, has also sent me a brief survey (which I completed) and a Happy Birthday email, a monthly newsletter with “Tips and Tricks” and periodic reminders about good dental hygiene.

In the second part of our event, after a chance to have lunch and mingle with other participants, the dental professionals attended the e-mail marketing lecture which was hosted by our very own Tiz G. Corta, CEO at DVFX.

During the lecture he covered the many promotional vehicles that are most effective for marketing a dental practice, including:

How to use an email newsletter to stay in touch with patients and keep them in your practice and using your latest services.

Use your website to pre-heat your patients for case acceptance, increase your referrals and expand your word-of-mouth, without spending a cent.

Understanding the future of marketing and why your choices today will determine your success for years to come.

How to determine your top high-value new patients and calculate your Return-On-Investment (ROI) on each one.

Referrals and networking – leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing to attract qualified patients.

Learn the four critical steps in closing high-value patients.

Learn an unstoppable four-phase internal marketing strategy that will increase your patient referrals by 400%.

“I’m really enjoying a dental conference geared towards marketing a practice with an excellent line up of speakers and a room full of very smart practice owners and managers!”

Event Attendee, London, UK

For further insights watch Chris here:

If you were not able to make it to the event but want to get all the benefits and learn how to apply all that was taught get in touch.

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