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Infusionsoft Audit

Today, Like Every Day, 80% Of Your Website Traffic Will Go To Waste. What Are You Doing About It?

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With our bespoke “Done For You” programs tailored for Infusionsoft users, you can have an automated email marketing campaign fully integrated with your website up and running in as little as a few days!

We are also an official Infusionsoft Silver Certified Partner.

Your FREE email marketing audit features:


A 30 min phone/skype conversation
Our marketing experts will guide you thrugh the findings of their audit


No cost
This audits is absolutely free and comes with no obligation


Expert tips and suggestions for improvement
Ready to use tips and tricks to take you marketing efforts to the next level


Specific for your business
We will analyze your current marketing and give you specific critique and suggestion and not a cookie cutter template


A review and analysis of your current email marketing and results
Our marketing experts will carefully analyze the state of your marketing


Guaranteed value
What you will learn during this audit you will be able to implement immediately to improve your marketing efforts

What do we do?

We create full Infusionsoft campaigns custom-built for your business from list segmentation, lead pages design, email copywriting, technical implementation, monitoring and optimization.

We have been serving Infusionsoft users for a number of years and have been blown away by the opportunities is offers businesses to grow and expand through its automated marketing functionality.

Our done for you email Infusionsoft marketing packages include:

  • Lead capture pages/offers
  • List segmentation & set up of tag rules
  • Targeted email follow up funnels / campaigns
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email content creation
  • Email distribution / Infusionsoft implementation
  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Statistical analysis

We can help you to develop and execute an email marketing strategy to deliver the right message at the right time without lifting a finger – from email content to delivery, tag segmentation, follow-up and lead scoring.All of this is automated for you thanks to Infusionsoft.

What's the process like?

1. Free Infusionsoft & Email Marketing Audit

Together, we will discuss your current Infusionsoft marketing set up. We’ll analyze where your leads are coming from, who your target audience is, what drives leads to you and where they can be segmented for higher ROI marketing.

We decide on the ultimate goal/s for your marketing campaigns and outline a plan to achieve them.

Depending on how comprehensive your strategy becomes, we can also create a visual campaign using the campaign builder in your Infusionsoft account to cover multiple set goals and sequences.

Visual campaign builder can include aspects such as applying tags, creating tasks for a sales person to complete after a goal has been reached (i.e. link clicked, product purchased, webform filled in etc), applying a note to a contact record or sending a new set of emails.

2. Email Database Cleansing

We remove all the invalid email addresses (typos, inactive email addresses, etc). We also remove potential “complainers”, email addresses of known people who report legitimate emails as spam.

3. Landing Page Design

Based on your traffic sources and ultimate goal, we can design fully functional, professional quality lead capture and squeeze pages with trigger buttons, images and integrate them with Infusionsoft.

Sign up fields within your lead pages will have the webform code associated with the relevant Infusionsoft email sequence integrated into the page.

4. Lead Magnet Provision

If you don’t have something to entice your potential clients to join your email list, you could be losing out on a huge number of potential customer sign ups.

We can create for you a tailored e-book or short video to encourage sign ups to result in a targeted list of motivated leads, which we set up to be delivered to your clients through your Infusionsoft account automatically using tags and automated email sends, or via a thank you page delivery.

5. Email Funnel Creation

We outline a plan of the email sequence(s). This plots out what kind of emails will be sent (promotional/content), what type of content, what products or services will be highlighted, the frequency of emails send-outs and the list segments these will be sent to.

6. Email Copywriting

This is where we write the content / copy for your email campaigns. We have dedicated email copywriting experts who are trained in email marketing. Unlike other agencies, our copywriters specialize in email copy and email copy only. They will deliver highly effective emails that get opened, get read, and get you results.

7. Email Template Design

Designing and coding HTML emails can be confusing and daunting, so we research the specifics of the best email template that suits your product offering – typography, images and colours are all personalized to suit your business branding.

This can be done within your Infusionsoft account using the email template designer, or externally (we will import the html coding of your design into your Infusionsoft campaign) depending on the complexity of your design.

8. Email Re-Engagement Templates

If you already have a list of emails that have been wasting away from inactivity or neglect, then our email re-engagement email series templates will work wonders to re-engage your “dying leads” and turn them back into interested, active buyers and product evangelists.

9. Infusionsoft Implementation

Not very technical? We will step in and upload all the emails into your Infusionsoft account system for you, configure the campaigns, the tagging, webform integrations, any HTTP posts etc.

10. Segmentation

By inserting segmentation tags into your campaigns, we ensure that you always deliver the right message to your leads at the right time.

Tag types by action can include:

  • Subscriber clicks a link in an email
  • Subscriber fills out a web form
  • Subscriber buys a product
  • Subscriber goes through a campaign sequence

We can automate the applying or removing tags to route your subscribers down all the appropriate email sequences.

11. Lead Scoring

We will set tags to utilize the Leads Scoring function in Infusionsoft to great effect. You will be able to focus on the hottest leads with leads scoring based on the number of tags applied to a subscriber.

By monitoring your leads behaviour this way, we can create hyper-targeted emails and boost conversions.

12. Email Monitoring and Optimization

Once your emails have begun to send to your database, we will monitor and optimize the key performance metrics of the campaign, including open rates, click-thru rates, subject line performance, revenue and overall responsiveness.

Based on the data collected from our analysis, we will optimize the campaign accordingly to identify and expand areas of high performance. This way we can boost what works and stop doing what isn’t generating you ROI.

What's in it for you?

Save time in planning, strategising, and designing, creating and implementing your Infusionsoft marketing yourself.  We provide turnkey, done for you Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation so you don’t have to think about it. You can sleep well knowing your marketing automation is in safe hands.

With Infusionsoft tag and lead scoring you can make sure you always send the right message to the right people…and broadcast your best offer and information to your highest lead scoring leads.

Thanks to our Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation packages, you will benefit from:

  • Capturing motivated, interested leads
  • Nurturing prospects and customers
  • Converting prospects to customers
  • Delivering your product
  • Up-selling and repeat sales
  • Referrals

Unify your email marketing campaign with our all-in-one Infusionsoft package and save money compared to hiring and supervising individual copywriters, designers and technical staff.

What's next?

Whatever business you are running, whether you are a small business or startup we can help you utilize the power of Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation. You will be able to grow your business, communicate with customers and expand your conversion opportunities without taking your time away from important business operations. We automate all the sales and marketing grunt work for you.

Infusionsoft offers businesses the opportunity to unify contact management, CRM, email marketing automation and e-commerce. And we are here to help you take your business to the next level by developing, creating, implementing and optimizing your Infusionsoft campaigns.

Take advantage of a free, no-obligation consultation where we will discuss your marketing requirements and answer any questions you may have about Infusionsoft or Infusionsoft implementation.

Infusionsoft Audit

Today, Like Every Day, 80% Of Your Website Traffic Will Go To Waste. What Are You Doing About It?

Your data is secure with us. Privacy.


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