Infusionsoft Lawyer Case Study

“We saved our business with automated follow up”, David, PrivateCounsel

The Client

PrivateCounsel is a well established estate planning attorney from California, USA.

David’s business is all about taking care of families. From wills and trusts, to full estate planning; David and his associates help people put their affairs in order so that their families are protected.

The Goals
  • Automate lead nurturing and follow up with clients and prospects
  • Increase ROI from seminars and educational events
  • Cross-sell other services to existing clients, such as trusts, wills and wealth planning
  • TOMA (Top of Mind Always) Effect – David wants his firm to always be at the top of people’s minds when it comes to estate protection and related legal services
The Problem

PrivateCounsel was spending far too much time and money marketing the business and trying to stay ‘top-of-mind’ to leads in their pipeline.

Worse still, if the team was busy with existing clients new leads often received no follow-up until long after they initially expressed interest (!).

A large amount of money was invested in dinner seminars and educational events, however little return on investment/ business growth was generated from those tasks.

Despite the sizeable spend, as leads responded there was no lead follow up and nurturing. Simply put, if a potential client called in to enquire about a specific service without booking an immediate appointment, there was no follow up action taken by the team. Most of the leads forgot to call again and so the lead was wasted.

In addition to this, potential clients were not aware of the wide array of services the firm offered. David wanted (and needed) to change this.

The Solution

With Infusionsoft onboarded, David’s team put the automation tools to work right away.

The firm had a very defined process for how they moved a client from the time of the first contact all the way to the point they sign a contract for services rendered, and keeping that on track was extremely valuable for them. In their eyes, this was the primary benefit of automating their sales and marketing process.

Here is where segmentation came into the picture: they used tags in Infusionsoft to track all the demographics: age, marital status, whether they have adult/minor children or a business and so on. Based on these demographics, prospects and clients would get or not get certain e-mails, be subscribed to certain follow-up sequences and so on.

Now, the company easily captures leads through web forms. And, when the client roster is full, automated follow-up emails continue to engage with new leads coming in.

Knowing his prospects and clients are taken care of helped David get through a difficult time with his own family. Over a year after he began using Infusionsoft, David and his wife welcomed a baby girl to the world with a serious heart defect. Thanks to the software’s automation capabilities, David was free to spend valuable time with his daughter during her recovery, without having to worry about his business.

The Results

Infusionsoft changed the way how David thinks about his business. Dave is now confident that his prospects are getting the same consistent marketing message and a proper follow-up.

Operations within the law firm became more organized, time was saved and as a result lead to client conversion rates increased.

By segmenting leads using Infusionsoft tags, staff was also able to follow up on leads over the phone with valuable insight into the person’s interests and objections. Infusionsoft lead scoring was also implemented to easily identify highly engaged leads.

Staff members are now spending less time on follow up calls with new leads (this was automated by email) so they could focus more on existing clients upsells and support. Business development tasks were also drastically simplified with a single Infusionsoft dashboard where the team member could immediately see any contacts’ full history.

 “…Truthfully, I would have gone out of business if it weren’t for the fact that I had a system like Infusionsoft that was keeping everything on track and running” David, PrivateCounsel.

Next steps

Contact us for a free email email marketing audit to discuss how we can help make your business more efficient and profitable by automating your sales and marketing.

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