Infusionsoft Case Study (Dental Practice)

The Client

The client is well established multi-specialty dental association serving the Jersey City Area, US. The team of 6 doctors offer a very wide array of services including not only dental implants, tooth extractions, teeth whitening but also dental sleep medicine, laser surgery and inhalation sedation.

The Goals
  • Automate lead nurturing and follow up and remove this responsibility from the receptionists
  • Increase ROI on the ad spend by converting leads who don’t book a treatment right away
  • Cross-sell other dental treatments such as monthly dental plans

The client’s team are committed to growing their practice and to them it is an art. When they decided to use Infusionsoft sales and marketing tools to grow their operation they quickly got frustrated.

They knew Infusionsoft could grow their business but they didn’t have the time to learn how to use it. They didn’t have the marketing or copywriting skills to produce an engaging lead follow up sequence.

They needed assistance from a team who could not only take hands-off care of Infusionsoft configuration but who also provide the engaging content and graphics for automated follow that would turn as many callers into patients.

The Problem

The practice run regular newspaper and local ads with discounts for specific treatments. Despite the sizeable advertising spend, as leads respond there is no lead follow up and nurturing. Simply put, if the a potential patient calls in to enquire about the special offer but doesn’t book a treatment session right away, there is no follow up. As things get lost in life most of the leads forget to call again, the lead is wasted.

In addition to this, potential patients are not aware of the wide array of services the practice offers including emergency treatments and financial assistance (payment plans).

The Solution

As Infusionsoft consultants we offered a Done For You Infusionsoft services and we also acted as the client’s external email marketing department.

We discussed the client’s current marketing strategy and sales flow. It was clear to everyone that implementing an automated Infusionsoft follow up email campaign would maximize their chances of turning callers into patients.

While most dental practices are similar, this specific one wanted a few additional things to happen to give his patients a special experience. We integrated a custom 6-email Infusionsoft campaign crafted specifically around the practice’s services and most importantly the pain points (literally) that were attracting leads to the practice.

We replaced all current lead collection forms with Infusionsoft webforms. Depending on the page of their site the potential patient signed up from, he would be inquiring about a different dental treatment. Therefore as the person entered his details not only would the practice receive an immediate email notification but also the person would be assigned an Infusionsoft tag indicating what treatment the patient is interested in.

Leads were then automatically inserted into a 6-email lead nurturing sequence. The goals of the sequence were to:

  • Educate the prospects how there are painless solutions to most dental issues
  • Allay fears about attending dentist visit
  • Convey to the patient how the practice is a safe, comfortable and stress-less environment for dental treatment
  • Push the contact to take advantage of a special promotional coupon

The email communications adopted a friendly and approachable tone of voice to comfort the leads and generate a personable and reassuring persona.

The Results

Operations within the practice became more organized, time was saved and lead conversions increased due to improved and automated follow up with those leads who wouldn’t book an appointment right away.

By segmenting the leads using Infusionsoft tags based on their signup page and the links clicked on within the emails, staff we also able to follow up on leads over the phone with valuable insight into the person’s interests and objections. This boosted drastically treatment bookings. Infusionsoft lead scoring was implemented.

Staff members were spending less time on follow up calls with new leads (this was automated by email) so they could focus more on existing patient care and support. They were also able to maintain a single database within Infusionsoft and could immediately see if someone calling in was a new lead, an existing client and see their full history.

We also trained the client’s team to integrate the working configuration with Infusionsoft to automate their appointments, follow up, and treatments schedules.

Next steps

Contact us for a free email email marketing audit to discuss how we can help make your business more efficient and profitable by automating your sales and marketing

The dental practice have asked to remain anonymous for the purposes of this case study.

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