How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Provider

When choosing which email marketing partner to work with you should consider these points:

Expertise in your and other industries

To cope with the ever growing and changing world of email and lifecycle marketing, businesses today require an extensively trained, versatile yet dedicated workforce. Do your email partner have a diverse pool of email specialists from email architects to copywriters to email deliverability experts?

With diversity, comes flexibility. Are their staff are well equipped to satisfy your changing needs throughout your campaigns? Can you be sure that the right person with the right skills is working on your project at all times?

Plethora of resources

Email marketing is time consuming specially if you offer more than one product, target more than one market or language. If you depend on an in-house team, they might not have the time and resources to give your email campaign the full attention in requires. You might end up with an email campaign that is not fully optimized, which translates into lower open rates, click through rates and eventually lower sales and higher acquisition costs.

Can your email partner give you solid results in a much shorter time span than your in-house team?

Strategic depth

It’s common for clients to approach us requesting assistance with a specific email campaign, or when something went wrong. As the relationship is solidified, the knowledge and data we share with our clients benefits well beyond the specific area they requested assistance for initially.

Does your email partner have the expertise and industry depth to provide you valuable strategic insight past the initial assignment?

Risk Management

Skilled digital marketing (and specifically email marketing) talent is hard to find and harder to keep. Is your email partner established so your campaign won’t suffer from sudden staff departures?

Working with an established partner will save you the substantial overheads involved in recruiting, managing and retaining online marketing talent – specially when it’s not part of your company’s core operations.

Staying ahead

A very common pitfall with in-house marketing teams is that they are experts in one area of digital marketing but they find themselves lacking knowledge in others. Does the email partner have a diversified team of experts across email campaign architercture, copywriting, landing page optimization, graphic design, email deliverability etc?

Your campaign success will only be achieved through a diversified and dedicated team of professionals. Email marketing has grown in complexity so that no single person can manage and execute a campaign of decent size on his own.

Do they work with the latest premium marketing tools such as Litmus or Return Path to name a couple? We integrate the leading tools in the email marketing space with our in-house technologies to provide our clients with ultimate versatility when it comes to sending the email campaigns.

As a leading email marketing agency, we benefit from certified partner status with a number of technology providers giving us early beta access to some of the newest technologies to market. This allows us to fully integrate new technologies and processes within our client’s email campaigns faster than most in-house teams.

Next step

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