Infusionsoft Dental Practice Case Study

“We boosted referrals by 32%”, Dr Burleson, Burleson Orthodontics.

The Client

Burleson Orthodontics is a well established orthodontic practice from Kansas City, USA.

Its team of 35 employees is run by Dr. Dustin Burleson, an orthodontist who is passionate about giving children the confidence to succeed. “The chance to help change a child’s life is the best reward anyone can ask for”, states Dr. Burleson.

The Goals
  • Automate lead nurturing and follow up for existing patients and prospects
  • Cross-sell other services such as teeth whitening, dental care plans, oral cancer checks
  • Segment and track patient’s evolution throughout its lifetime with the practice
  • TOMA (Top of Mind Always) Effect – Dr Burleson wants his practice to be the client’s first choice any time they need dental treatment
The Problem

Burleson Orthodontics went through a number of simplistic marketing solutions with little automation power. Before signing on with Infusionsoft, they were only able to automate few steps of the marketing process and it became frustrating very quickly and wasted a lot of the staff’s time.

Working on the patient’s schedule was one of the main challenges. Creating an orthodontic practice that actually made it convenient for clients to get dental treatment was Dr Burleson’s main goal.

Communicating with patients, effective and efficient follow ups and reminders were vital to maximize the number of patients who accepted treatment and the number of patients who came back for repeat treatment.

The Solution

Dr. Burleson now employs Infusionsoft’s automation capabilities throughout his business. Leads are generated from various channels— Facebook, PPC and direct mail—and are captured through web forms that tag their source and other factors. This triggers an automated, targeted email nurture campaign that converts an astounding 85% of leads into patients (the national average in his industry is 50%). Of those who don’t convert initially, over 20% do so as they are entered into a re-engagement email campaign.

Burleson Orthodontics also uses segmentation to manage its patient follow-up communications, with smart, targeted automation triggers designed to reach patients based on status, treatment type, referral status, treatment start dates and key milestones.

Dr. Burleson even automates his employee training; informing them of company benefits, resources and other practice updates at scheduled intervals.

The Results

Smile, the results are in.

The practice has gone from having 180 patients a year to 1,500 patients.

After three years with Infusionsoft, Dr. Burleson has plenty to smile about—revenue is up 180%, cost per customer is down 56%, and he has more time and money than ever to spend with family.

Additionally, Dr. Burleson can dedicate more energy to his two charitable organizations: Smiles Change Lives and the Cleft Palate Foundation, in addition to teaching courses in two universities.

The practice has now grown to four locations and automates everything from lead nurturing sequences to patient follow-up to employee training.

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