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When Is Too Much Of A Good Thing A Bad Thing? standard

The burning question: What is the best frequency for email marketing? This is a tough one, which raises a lot of debate among email marketers. You don’t want to ‘over-mail’ and likewise you don’t want to ‘under-mail’ your potential customers. Mailing too much could lead to your audience feeling as though they are being spammed, but not mailing enough could cause a lost sale and the chance of a potential client not being aware of your business. But above all… …you need to send RELEVANT emails. When it comes to B2B email marketing, you need to be sparser in your frequency, as opposed to B2C which has a little more leeway whereby you can market on a more regular basis. ...

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Are Your Emails Sheds Or Mansions? – The 6 Steps to Find Out standard

Are you treating your emails like a shed by throwing everything and anything in, and not maintaining them? Or are you treating them like a mansion whereby you put maximum effort into maintaining them and always give them the love they need? Email marketing is essential if you want a steady flow of leads and customers to your business. You may think whipping up an email that will sell is easy – but it’s not; it needs to be crafted with love and skill. You need to utilize techniques in order to drive growth to your business through one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Anyone can get an email together and send it out hoping for the ...

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Five Contemporary Ways to Drive Readers to Action – Part 2 standard

Welcome back… in my last post I talked about the power of e-mail marketing. Ever since the very first mass marketing email in 1978, e-mail marketing has been the KING of internet marketing. Check out the last post here to see why and who “the father of spam” is. If you liked that post, keep on reading to discover the last 3 contemporary ways to drive readers to action…plus a bonus tip. Combine email and social media Many people make the mistake of only putting social sharing and connection icons in their emails. Don’t get me wrong, emails with social sharing and social connection buttons do have a CTR that’s 115 percent higher than those that do not, according to GetResponse. But that ...

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Are You Going For the Full Indulgence or Just the Aroma? standard

  Let’s say you’re at Starbucks. Starbucks is your favorite place to get your coffee. Today you decided to reward yourself and indulge in some decadent chocolate cake along with your coffee. So, you order your cake and coffee. You sit down; take a few sips of your coffee and a bite of your cake…which is to die for! Then the Starbucks attendant steps in and says you have to get up from your table and continue in the next room. It’s enough to make you boiling mad, right? Just when you are really enjoying something, someone comes in a ruins your moment! Unfortunately, email newsletters can be like that too… You open the newsletter; you start reading about a topic that’s ...

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The All-Important Count Down To Increasing Sales! standard

Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses, small and big, worldwide. It is the ideal way to lure in new customers and increase revenues. Companies may not have the time, resources or simply the knowledge to carry out email marketing and believe they may have more important things to focus on in their business. But, email marketing is a must when trying to attract more customers, achieve higher ROI, and really take your business to new heights. There are a number of benefits of implementing email marketing into ANY business; such as time saved due to automation of emails follow ups and marketing campaigns, improving conversion rates by offering leads services or products that match their buying habits, saving ...

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Are Your Emails Just A Bunch of Off-Key Carol Singers? standard

There is nothing more disheartening than eagerly opening your door on Christmas Eve to Carol singers, only to find them singing completely off key. And, this is the feeling many readers may get when opening your emails. You put all your effort into hitting the inbox and getting them opened, but once your contact starts reading your boring and dull content is like a “tone-def carol singers” slap in the face. Creating compelling content appears easy. But crafting an email that is worth a space in your reader’s overloaded inbox is a different story all together. Email content hugely differs to how you write your blog or social media posts. In short, your emails need to contain information that is ...

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How Many People Label Newsletters “Junk” Rather Than Unsubscribe? standard

Someone asked me this today and truth is there’s no real answer to the question. It’s not even “just” how many people label email as junk, a lot of people do nothing on receiving the emails and eventually end up deleting them. So let’s look at the problem in a different light. Instead of “counting” (or more list, guesstimating) how many people mark emails as junk, unsubscribe, delete them etc let’s look at how many people engage with your emails. Among others, that has two benefits: 1. It’s a lot easier and accurate to measure. Estimating how many emails end up in the junk folder is very difficult as inbox algorithms change constantly and the provide no feedback on where ...

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