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Rebecca Liggero talks to Tiz G. Corta of Inspired Publishing LTD and he talks about effective Affiliate Marketing.

According to Gambacorta, there are three things an affiliate must focus on if they want to succeed:

1) Choose a niche or have an edge. It could be in a form of knowledge in the market, technical edge or having traffic.

2) Focus on tracking! This is of upmost importance.

3) Discipline – Find out what’s working in your business and keep doing it again and again.

Tracking for affiliate marketing is everything. This is the TNT of the business. Tracking is what makes the business explode. You must really track the cost of traffic; how much is it costing you to send that visitor to whatever product that you promote; how much money do you make for each visitor that you send o the product you are promoting. And there are minor things, that can make an impact, such as what time of the day you have to promote; what day of the week and in what country

Gambacorta also emphasized the importance of capturing an email list as the information is 100% yours and Google cannot shut this information down but they sure can shut your website down. His top tips for monetizing that list, no matter how big or small, are as follows:

A) Segment the lists in as many ways as you can

B) Assuming the list is segmented, hit it hard as long as users find the messages useful. Do not hit your list hard before it is segmented or else users will view the messages as spam.

C) Try different products at different price points and track the results to find out what works.

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