Meet Tiz Gambacorta

Tiz Gambacorta has been called “One of the brightest email marketing minds of our century” by his seminar attendees and students.

In addition to being a coach, Tiz is a digital entrepreneur with businesses in the software and publishing space and lectures on inbound marketing at LUISS university in Rome, Italy.

Since his first interview as a music entrepreneur managing bands at 12 years old, he has become well known in both Italian and Chinese media (where he used to live as a teenager) before giving up a music career in exchange of more traditional university studies.

Tiz was awarded the highest BSc, MSc degree (summa cum laude) from LUISS University in Rome Italy at the age of 20, the youngest student to achieve this milestone amongst his peers. After this he challenged himself to obtain a second MSc in his least favourite subject, mathematics, which he was awarded from Imperial College, London.

He got into the online marketing industry in 2011. Starting an online journey meant going from a $300,000 yearly income to no income almost overnight.

One month into his email marketing venture in January 2011 he made $20. Two months later in March 2011, he made $5,000. In January 2012 one year later, he made $50,000 that month.

Since then he started about 10 online businesses from scratch and purchased 3 others. He has never had an investor or taken a business loan to this day.

The income generated from these online businesses allowed him to buy 5 properties in the UK, drive some of the nicest cars, live in an amazing apartment in the most luxurious resort in the country and travel to some of the most incredible places in the world.

He spends 4 to 6 months every year travelling and he’s no stranger to paying rent in more than one country at the same time. He has actively ran his business from 11 different countries in the last 12 months.

Tiz lectures on email marketing within LUISS University’s startup incubator programme in Rome, Italy. He is also certified by the Human Resources Authority to provide corporate training with up to 80% government subsidy.

Tiz is the author of two best-selling books:.

Zero to $1 Million: 5 Steps To Doubling Your Income With Email Marketing outlines the his proprietary 5-step TEMS email marketing method for the budding entrepreneur.

Your First Million: 15 Mindset Hacks To Earn $1,000 a Day explains the mindset reprogramming required for any successful entrepreneur.

Tiz has been featured as a success story in the NY Times best seller The Laptop Millionaire: How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online.

The internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for individuals and businesses to double and triple their results. Tiz is most passionate about sharing what email marketing can do for other businesses and help them boom in spite of any adverse factors.

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach”.

Tiz doesn’t consult – most people could not afford his fees anyway. Whenever he coaches, he does it for free or for a charitable cause. Instead, he and his team get things done for you so your business can thrive. Just like for his own ventures, Tiz’s in-house digital marketing methods are what make the difference between a business that breaks records and one that just gets by. In business he says, “There is no glory in coming second.”

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