Making The Most Out Of Your Christmas, New Year & Other Seasonal Email Marketing

In this teleseminar we'll talk about identifying seasonal opportunities, crafting effective campaigns and growing your list.

Welcome to this very special teleseminar hosted by Tiz G Corta, CEO of DVFX.

During this teleseminar, you will learn:

– How to identify your Holiday Season opportunities

– How to craft effective holiday campaigns

– How to stand out in your prospect’s inbox during this time of the year

– How to use the holiday season to grow your list

Plus, much more!

Find out how DVFX can help you reach your leads, avoid teh dreaded spam folder and boost conversion.

Click here to get your 2015/16 seasonal email marketing package:

Webinar: Nurture Your Leads & Clients With the Perfect Welcome Email 

In this teleseminar we’ll be scripting your welcome email using our “Perfect Welcome Email Template”

Teleseminar date: September 23rd, 2015

Congratulations — you started building a list of prospects and customers! Now what?

The first email you send them will either…

1. Turn strangers into friends and dramatically increase the likelihood of generating new business or…

2. Make you look like a SPAMMER in under a week

In this teleseminar we’ll be scripting your welcome email using our “Perfect Welcome Email Template”

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Edwin Moossaian, Co-founder, Newpage Technology Inc - “There’s a reason you guys do what you do. I’m very impressed with the campaigns.

David Moeller, CEO, CodeGuard.com - “I LOVE the new copy!!!! So strong!!!”


Josh Van Tassel, Arlington (VA), United States - "I highly recommend DVFX"


Marketing Director, Financial Services Company, United Kingdom - “We made our investment back 4X with the first email blast

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