Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses, small and big, worldwide. It is the ideal way to lure in new customers and increase revenues.

Companies may not have the time, resources or simply the knowledge to carry out email marketing and believe they may have more important things to focus on in their business.

But, email marketing is a must when trying to attract more customers, achieve higher ROI, and really take your business to new heights.

There are a number of benefits of implementing email marketing into ANY business; such as time saved due to automation of emails follow ups and marketing campaigns, improving conversion rates by offering leads services or products that match their buying habits, saving costs multiple phone calls and more expensive forms of marketing, and more.

So let’s talk about the top 10 reasons why it’s vital that your business takes advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

#10: It’s Time To Separate

Wouldn’t it be great if you could separate your database of contacts into groups depending on their interests, gender, demographics, etc, to target them with specific offers and promotions based on them as an individual? Well email marketing lets you do just that; and that is why it is so effective.

By segmenting your leads and sending emails according to that particular group’s interests, you can target the right people, with the right messages, at the right time.

This will certainly boost your engagement with your potential client, open rates, clicks and, ultimately, your conversions.

#9: More For A Rainy Day

Saving money; this is a benefit that should certainly win many businesses over.

There are significantly lower costs with email marketing as opposed to mainstream marketing. No postage costs, printing costs, exposure costs, etc. Fees for sending out emails are vastly lower than other marketing channels, but results are considerably better.

According to MECLabs Companies sending over 100,000 emails each month see a 94% return on investment.

#8 It’s Your Call

You will not find many marketing platforms that allow a reader to impulse buy or purchase within a click of a button after seeing an offer.

A call to action will allow your reader to do exactly what you want them to. It is your time to shine in your emails and really attract them to take the action to purchase from you.

You can have multiple call to actions in one message for the same offer and when your desired action has been taken, you can automatically and immediately send another offer to complement the one your client has shown interest in.

Thus, your call to action in your emails is extremely important in driving traffic anywhere you want them to go online; your website, landing page, social media page etc; something you cannot do with offline marketing.

#7: They Want It

Email marketing is the only online marketing tool where your leads can actively choose to receive your messages when they opt-in on your website landing page. Thus you know that they are willing interact with your brand, giving way for more chance of your emails being read and responded to.

Emails are one of the only online marketing method where you can build 1-2-1 relationships with your clients on an ongoing bases through mass messages.

#6: Easy Peasy

You do not need a huge team in order to be successful in your email marketing plan. It is possible to make your emails stand out with eye-catching templates, images, videos and logos.

Plain text email is used by many businesses as opposed to HTML as, more often than not, it is the content which is the most important to the reader. But, it is always nice to have something visually enticing.

You don’t need to be a wizz at html coding either to create an attractive email template for messages, with many email sending systems providing user-friendly drag-and-drop style email designer built within them for you to use. Easy!

#5: Track, Track, Track

This is an aspect of email marketing that is extremely important; tracking open, click-through rates and conversion rates through your marketing software.

This means that you will be able to see where you are going wrong, what you can improve, what messages and offers are getting the most interest and engagement, and how to really get those conversions your business needs based on your readers habits.

This approach is much more effective that taking a ‘spray and pray’ approach to your marketing. ‘Spraying’ your marketing message out to anyone and ‘praying’ that it hits on the right person, will not only waste your time and reduce your ROI, but also prevent your company from attracting new customers and increasing business as quickly and efficiently as you can with email marketing.

#4:Sharing is Caring

Your emails can easily be forwarded to friends and family of your reader. This will introduce even more sign ups to your business, increasing brand awareness, and in turn, boost those all important profits!

Through email marketing you can also utilise ‘refer a friend’ emails, whereby you can offer your customers discounts, deals or something for free if they pass on your details to a friend. This way you are not only bringing about brand awareness, but also increasing the chances of gaining new clients through your email marketing methods.

#3: Spread the Word

Can you think of another marketing platform where you can send direct instant messages to an abundance of people from all over the world?

I am sure you thought of social media, where you can certainly spread your word across the globe. But, with social media, you will never know who read your content and who didn’t unless they retweet or like what you post. With email, you can send messages across a global audience in a matter of minutes and know which messages are getting the most attention, where.

#2: It’s Happening Right Now

Email marketing is instant. This means that you can see immediate results after sending your emails. This is a great means of marketing if you have a limited time offer which sparks a sense of urgency among your audience to make them purchase fast!

Print or broadcast campaigns will leave you waiting for at least for a couple of weeks until you can see and results from your efforts, and that is assuming that you are able to tell which conversions came from which marketing message.

#1: Show Me The Money!

I put this point in the #1 spot, because at the end of the day, why are you marketing your business?

To see results!

If ever there was a reason you choose to invest in email marketing, it should be for incredibly high return on investment.

According to Direct Marketing Association, ‘for every $1 marketers spend on email, the average ROI is $40’.

That’s a whopping 4,000% ROI!

Now that says something, right?

Email marketing is the way to truly increasing your business and taking it to new heights.

By implementing email marketing in your business, you will have more time to focus on the core aspect of your business while your automated email marketing runs smoothly in the background. Say goodbye to the days of posting ads in the newspaper and hoping to receive a call.

With email marketing you can target, track and segment your leads through their habits and interests.

Reduce costs, save time and increase revenue? Yes please!