Sample FX / Binary Email Campaign (“Fake Survey”)

The aim of the “fake survey” is two-fold:

  1. Find out what’s stopping the prospect from taking the desired action (eg FTD, redeposit, trading)
  2. Increase engagement

We call it “fake survey” because it has a second motive in addition to gathering feedback – but it can also be used as a survey per se to extract and aggregate answers from a large database (a “real” survey).

In order to deploy this campaign you need to have a page on your website where you publish the most popular answers traders are giving (it doesn’t need to be real time).

Each answer can be hyperlinked to a unique trackable link so you can see in the CRM which leads answered what. For example, everyone who answered A could be inserted into an email follow up campaign answering that question. Or your sales team could follow up with the lead and address that objection directly.

Subject Lines

Email Body

Non-public, proprietary copywriting elements are added once implemented for forex / binary operator. To be customized with brand graphics.

Two follow up “fake survey” emails are then sent within this campaign to boost results.

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