“I am just calling to say I’ve received your emails and I wanted to let you know there’s a reason you do what you do. I’m very impressed.

Edwin Moossaian, Co-founder, Newpage Technology Inc,  July 2015

I LOVE the new copy!!!! So strong!!!”

David Moeller, CEO,,  September 2015

We made our investment back 4X with the first email blast

Marketing Director, Financial Services Company, United Kingdom, May 2015

“I would like to thank you so much for these super informative 2 days. Your email course was jam packed with golden nuggets and tips that can immediately be used by anyone to boost conversion rates with email marketing. The part of the course where you taught about different email messages to appeal to different types of people was especially valuable to me. In addition, we went over some very powerful strategies about different angles of email marketing promotion for webinars, affiliates as well as trader segmentation.

At the end of the course I felt we could take what I learned there and immediately implement it in our existing email marketing strategy.

Now that I am back in the office, me and the team are already implementing what we went over at the course, from editing existing emails to adding and enhancing new email marketing promotion ideas.

With the automated emails in place we expect to get an increase of at least 10-15% in auto-conversion and we will definitely keep refining our promos to keep driving conversion rates up, based on what you taught.”

Stelios Eleftheriou, Head of Operations & Business Development, OptionTrade, Cyprus – July 2015

I’ve been impressed with Tiz and his team since my first interview phone call.  I’d been trying to get my email campaign off the ground but was hung up with some of the details.  Tiz guided me through the initial steps expertly.  I now have everything in place to start building my list.  I will continue to work with Tiz and his team as my business grows.  I highly recommend DVFX.  They have very high integrity.  If you are looking for someone to trust and guide you through each step of your business look no further.”

Josh Van Tassel, Arlington (VA), United States

“The leads generated from your email campaigns and WOW, they paid for my university tuition!”

Kim, Sales manager, Ubinary, Israel, August 2015

brandongI enjoyed Tiz and his conversation. When I got off the phone with him, I thought: “This is the guy I want by my side during the launch of this business”

Brandon Garlond, Online entrepreneur, United States

“…we had a prospect on our database recently become a paying customer. This customer had previously applied for a loan and been rejected, however prompted by an email they received, this customer made an application successfully this time. I think email marketing is a must for every organisation.”

Daniel Suppey, Head of Sales, JL Money Financial Services

Before reading this testimonial, I need to make you aware of a couple of things. I am not an online entrepreneur (yet) and I do have a personal connection to Tiz, I was with him in 2011 when we both went from highly paid jobs, to no jobs overnight. In the intervening years, I continued my career in the commodity sector, whilst Tiz took a different path. We have recently reconnected and it was a pleasure to see what outstanding success Tiz has enjoyed in the intervening years. As an avid reader of management and self help authors, I found this book highly practical and informative for anyone looking to improve their own and their business’ performance, online or not. He mixes practical, logical advice  (a simple step by step formulas for newcomers) with suggestions on the correct attitude and mindset. Whatever your role, you are in the business of finding and selling solutions to problems for your customers or colleagues. Whether you are communicating with an online mailing list, a colleague or a customer, they should know you, like you and most importantly trust you. I am seriously considering exploring online opportunities […]

Steve Jesse, Commodity Trading, Finance and Risk Management Professional

Found your work to be the most amazing business advice ever… That was straight from the heart… And it speaks to the heart of any business… […] I’m changing that mindset tonight.

Danny Gertze, United Kingdom

I read one of your books and to be candid. I’m impressed.

James Adewale, South Africa

Events Feedback

Google Campus London, Feb 2015

“Practical advice for low-cost action”

“Great event – i went from knowing very little to knowing a lot.”

“very informative; opens up thought for a different approach”

“It was clear, useful, engaging”

“Good insight”

“Interesting tips”

“Valuable course”

“Good introduction to digital marketing”

“He was knowledgable and engaging.”

“I really enjoyed it”

“Very interesting information and tips”

“Good clear tips & presentation”

“Very good speaker”  

“the seminar was excellent!!!”

“This event amazing”

“Tiz is knowledgeable, approachable and incredibly inspirational speaker,willing to help and share information with the participants. His presentation is engaging, informative, very interesting and most importantly free of empty promises of making money overnight. He shares generously tips and knowledge which derive from his own business tactics and experience. I have already recommended his work and his book to some of my best friends and colleagues!!!Looking forward to the next session!!!

“It is very interesting, helpful and would be so important for your business”

“It’s something a lot of people don’t know that much about (Email Marketing) and it can be a nice money maker.”

“It’s time worth going: it’s a nice format, so it’s not boring but quite engaging, plus it’s useful. It goes through a clear 4-step easily actionable process, gives lots of useful tips, some based on psychological insight, others on observation of the results of trucked practice, that permitted to understand what works.”

“It’s a well structured tutoring event, therefore easy to follow. It gives plenty of good tips and propose an easily actionable 4 steps process to follow through. It’s quite engaging and fun, so you won’t get bored: it’s worth taking the time!”

Events Survey Results

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