Praise Old

Brandon G., United States

I enjoyed Tiz and his conversation. When I got off the phone with him, I thought: “This is the guy I want by my side during the launch of this business


Danny Gertze, United Kingdom

Found your work to be the most amazing business advice ever… That was straight from the heart… And it speaks to the heart of any business… […] I’m changing that mindset tonight.

James Adewale, South Africa

I read one of your books and to be candid. I’m impressed.

Before reading this testimonial, I need to make you aware of a couple of things. I am not an online entrepreneur (yet) and I do have a personal connection to Tiz, I was with him in 2011 when we both went from highly paid jobs, to no jobs overnight. In the intervening years, I continued my career in the commodity sector, whilst Tiz took a different path. We have recently reconnected and it was a pleasure to see what outstanding success Tiz has enjoyed in the intervening years. As an avid reader of management and self help authors, I found this book highly practical and informative for anyone looking to improve their own and their business’ performance, online or not. He mixes practical, logical advice  (a simple step by step formulas for newcomers) with suggestions on the correct attitude and mindset. Whatever your role, you are in the business of finding and selling solutions to problems for your customers or colleagues. Whether you are communicating with an online mailing list, a colleague or a customer, they should know you, like you and most importantly trust you. I am seriously considering exploring online opportunities […]

Steve Jesse, Commodity Trading, Finance and Risk Management Professional.

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