Our Approach – Forex And Binary

Most traders can be split in 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Experienced traders who have decided to try a new product or broker. They are slightly more educated than the average and need help in making that transition from trading forex as a product (with take profit, stop loss, margins) to options (defined outcome, defined expiry time etc)
  2. Newbie traders who don’t have any knowledge about the product or the markets. They need education on both fronts
  3. “Gamblers”. They only need the very basic education so they can start trading on the platform, they’ll typically go for the shortest expiries. Out of the 3 types they tend to deplete their accounts the fastest so they are most offer and bonus-driven so they come back to the platform and deposit again

The email marketing (and overall marketing) approach for each of these 3 types is very different. You’ll find that the more you segment and tailor the offering to the trader the higher the conversion rate and the lower the acquisition cost.

In this scenario we recommend we have 3 email sequences, one for each trader type. Each sequence will have between 6 and 8 email pieces and will have very specific goals: a) build brand credibility, b) establish a persona the lead/trader can relate to (people relate a lot more to people than they do to generic brands) and c) get the lead to deposit (either self-deposit or thru sales agent).

These email sequences can run in parallel to your sales team follow up. As we address most of the objections and education in the email sequences, the sales team will have a lot easier time converting the leads.

As an entry point for each of the 3 email sequences I recommend we have 3 landing pages for each minimum (9 in total). Each trader type will be attracted to a specific offer/lead magnet on the landing page. When testing with live traffic one page will typically outperform the other variations so by A/B testing multiple landing pages we can identify what works best for each traffic source/language and improve on that.

We can localize this in 12 languages, contact us to confirm availability of your language(s).

Next, book your free email marketing audit so we can discuss how we can help take your FTDs and retention to the next level.

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