“I Don’t Have Time (Or Don’t Know How) To Market My Forex / Binary Leads”


When you are running a Forex or binary options operation, time is a costly commodity and the competition is fierce. With our dedicated done-for-you email marketing package for the forex and binary options industries, we do all the hard work for you from start to finish so you can focus on running the core areas of your business (risk management, call centre, etc).

Whether you are a

  • Forex affiliate marketer
  • Binary Options brand
  • Trading signals publisher
  • Education provider
  • Software developer (eg Metatrader Expert Advisors);

if you don’t have the time or resources to create and send your own email campaigns, you need to speak to us.

What Can We Do For You?

As very successful Forex/Binary affiliate marketers who used email marketing as the primary sales conversion method we are uniquely positioned to deliver you email campaigns that convert.

We have specialist knowledge working with the most effective ESP (Email Service Providers), SPAM filtering programs, A/B testing technologies and copywriting techniques which turn your financial leads into depositors (FTDs).

We can guarantee success for our clients by using some of the most creative direct marketing techniques specifically aimed at the Forex and binary options areas. These techniques are proven to generate results and to the best of our knowledge are not used by anyone else in the industry.

Our extensive Forex and binary options experience provides a powerful, first hand insight into the objections, fears and hot buttons of each type of trader type (short term/scalper, trend follower, education-savvy trader or “punter”, etc). We tackle those objections and fears by using a combination of education and relationship building with the prospect until the point he feels comfortable placing a deposit (either and FTD or a redeposit).

In short, we know what works and what doesn’t work…because we have already done it successfully for ourselves.

Our done for you email marketing packages include:

  • Lead capture pages/offers (landing pages)
  • List segmentation (single click or optin)
  • Custom email sales funnels
  • Branding and relationship building (personality-based marketing)
  • Email content creation
  • Dedicated email graphic design & HTML coding/slicing
  • Turnkey configuration in your system and sending
  • Statistical analysis and reporting

We can help you achieve the maximum ROI on your campaigns and provide you with the best advice based on best practices and past experiences in delivering the best email marketing to the Forex and binary industries.

What's The Process?

1. Email Marketing Strategy Audit (Free)

We start by analysing your current email marketing setup including lead and traffic sources, who your target audience is, the different types of interests that drive leads to you etc.

Together we define the ultimate goal(s) for your email campaigns and put in place an email marketing strategy (more on this later) to achieve it.

2. Email Database Cleansing (Optional)

We remove all the invalid email addresses (typos, inactive email addresses, etc). We also remove potential “complainers”, email addresses of known people who report legitimate emails as spam.

3. Landing Page Design (Optional)

Based on your traffic sources and campaign goal(s), we design professional lead capture and squeeze pages with trigger buttons (“Call to Action”), images and text to increase your list building conversions. We use some of the latest heatmapping and HTML 5 technology to track user behaviour and engage the visitor on the page

4. Lead Magnet (Optional)

If you don’t have something to entice your potential clients to signup to your brand, the majority of them simply won’t. We can create for you a tailored online trading e-books, video, infographics, cheatsheet, “digital napkins” etc to encourage lead sign ups.

5. Sales Funnel Design

This is where we design the email sequences. This plots out:

  • What kind of emails will be sent (promotional/content)
  • What content / topic
  • What products or services will be highlighted
  • What marketing and psychological angle will be used
  • The frequency of emails send-outs
  • The purpose of the email (engagement, registration, deposit, trading, etc)

6. Email Copywriting

Our expert, dedicated email copywriters will craft email content that will leave your subscribers begging for more and longing to receive the next email from you. All of our copywriters have at least 2 years experience, most of them specifically in email marketing in the Forex or binary industry. Our professional copywriters deliver highly effective emails that get opened, get read, and most importantly get you results.

7. Email Template Design

Designing and coding HTML emails can be confusing and daunting, so we research the specifics of designing your email template for you – typography, images and colours can all be personalized to suit your branding.

8. CRM Implementation

We can step in and upload all the emails into your CRM / autoresponder system for you and do all the technical configuration so the emails are sent automatically and predefined intervals. We are ESP-neutral so we will only recommend the best Email Service Provider for your needs, or work with your existing one if you already have one.

9. Email Monitoring and Optimization

Once your emails have begun send out we will monitor and optimize the key performance metrics of the campaign, including open rates, click-thru rates, subject line performance, responsiveness, spam complaint rates, hard and soft bounces, etc.

Based on the data collected from our performance analysis, we will adjust the campaign accordingly to identify and expand areas of high performance and optimise the campaign for maximum results to achieve your primary objective(s). For example, we will add additional email pieces to high-performing sequences or segments of your database.

Optional Addon: Email Re-Engagement

If you have a list of emails that have been wasting away from inactivity or neglect, our email re-engagement email series templates will work wonders to wake up your “dead leads” and turn them back into interested, active traders.

What’s In It For You?

You will have the peace of mind that your leads are receiving the best email content and as a result, you will have the peace of minds that your operation is extracting the most ROI out of your marketing spend.

By engaging your leads with top-notch valuable email content, you will position your brand as the number 1 in your prospect’s mind, which will lead to higher conversion rates and retention value.

You save time in planning, strategising, designing, creating and delivering emails yourself. You don’t have to worry about the technical details such as email deliverability, SenderScore, SPF or DKIM authentication etc. We take care of all the technical details for you and to all the grunt work.

You also save time and money by having one single email marketing partner who delivers a top quality finished product instead of having to hire and supervise individual copywriters, designers, HTML coders and technical staff.

Next Steps

Take advantage of a free, no-obligation email marketing audit where we will assess your existing marketing, discuss your requirements and goals and work out whether our email marketing packages are a good fit for you and your business.

This is your opportunity to develop an email marketing strategy that places your business miles ahead of your competitors. Contact us today!

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