Commercial email has gone from being the super hot thing back in the mid 90s to being a synonym of a nuisance today.


Just like Ms Spears who went in a couple of years from princess of pop to dysfunctional alcoholic back to Vegas headliner, my prediction is that in the next three years we’re going to see almost all businesses use email advertising as a fact of life in some shape or form. Just like four years ago every business accepted a website being a necessity for any revenue-getting endevour.

Before I tell you why you business will either thrive from this OR run for cover let me share a short story many of you will relate to.

In early 2000, former New York magazine employee Dana Levy launched her Daily Candy email newsletter as a means to share her fashion finds with the wider public. Dana started her women-only email marketing activities with a seven-hundred name email list. Not exactly a blockbuster, is it? In a few short years the subscriber base approached three million.

She had to self-fund the startup before a couple of angel investors took the plunge. Within a year she was profitable and eight years later the business was sold to Comcast for $125 million. The rest is history.

This is just an example of the results that such a low cost media such as email can do.

As a matter of fact the number of business emails sent in 2014 went up 9% compared to 2013 and is expected to increase 21% over the next three years.

The shift represents the single biggest opportunity we may ever face in our lifetime.

And the people who understand and grab this opportunity will make fortunes.

I believe that we as business leaders are in the perfect position to make the most of this fundamental shift for several reasons.

We have more and more sophisticated channels available to reach our audience and the majority of them are real time. People are checking emails more and more frequently not just on desktop computers in the office but also when out and about on mobile phones and tablets weekdays and weekends. In other words, our audiences are making themselves more and more receptive to targeted email marketing. In 2014, 68% of email users reported acting on a marketing offer they received by email.

The things that most digital marketing professionals perceive as common knowledge are completely obscure to the majority the world. And I want you to pay attention: the rest of the world, including your competitors, is coming our way. Every business out there in the next ten years will have some form of email advertising.

How is email marketing different to other forms of online advertising?

A lot of research has gone into proving that even your best qualified your prospects need to see your ad more than once before they will do business with you.

…and, if you fail to follow up with those prospects you’re leaving as much as 80% of your profits on the table. Ask me how I know? The hard way.

That’s a lot of money. Money that’s critical to your long-term success and ultimately the scalability of our offer and business.

As a matter of fact by not following up with your prospects you are doing a disservice to your community by not fulfilling your duty to assist people who would otherwise be ready, willing and able to purchase.

Email does just that.

Email marketing provides systematic, automated, pitch-perfect follow up with your leads and clients.

No other media achieves that. People might go a few days without turning the TV or the radio on or without reading newspapers. Not with email. A recent survey showed 91% of internet users use email every day, 365 days a year.

We have gone from 5 years ago where anyone was excited to open any email to an era where those who can engage their communities will thrive and prosper and those who don’t will end up in the spam folder, at best.

Will you be the next Britney Spears comeback or will you be running for cover?

May you be wealthier every day.
Tiz G. Corta

“It’s in the moment of decisions that you shape your life” Tony Robbins