BLAST OFF! Emails that is…

Email marketing can be one of the most effective forms of  online marketing. But, beware, if you cross the line then you are treading in spam (or unsolicited email) waters! The key to effective email marketing and keeping it on the right side of the fence, after seeking the permission of the individuals to be marketed, is to engage the audience rather than blast blindly.

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There are a few issues with blind email blasting:

  1. If you send it to a bunch of random people – there is a high likelihood that your address will be marked as spam by the reader, you haven’t built a rapport!
  2. Email blast is a “dirty word” in the marketing world – as it conveys a sense of mindless quantity not effective quality – which never builds relationships.
  3. Untested email’s used for mass marketing will almost always end up in people’s spam – most email providers have automatic spam filters – so the intended individual doesn’t even see it!

Now, it sounds totally negative, and it doesn’t have to be. There are a few things you can do that can decrease your email’s chances of ending up in your audience’s spam folder:

1. Send the email using a company email “From” and “Reply-to” address

What’s more professional: inviting a client for a meeting in your living room, or your office? Office, you say? Correct! So, don’t send your marketing email using a personal Hotmail, yahoo, or Gmail address – use your company address.

Bonus: it also improves branding! People will want to click to find out more about your company!

2. Be aware of common wording/typing mistakes

Spam filters are getting more intelligent. They are formulated to detect certain things such as CAPITALS, excessive exclamation!!!!!, bright green or red fonts.

3. Write like you’re in a relationship with the reader not like a salesperson

Using terms like “BUY NOW!!!”, “URGENT!”, and “LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!” (Again with the capitals and excessive exclamation…) not only decreases your company’s credibility but threatens you with spam filters again. It makes the email sound cheesy and desperate rather than informative and interesting.  You don’t have to be your client’s best friend, but remember, on the other end of that email is a human!

If you remind yourself (and/or your creative content advisers or community managers) that email marketing is about building a relationship and not about blind-emailing random audiences, then it will be highly successful. At the end of the day, almost everyone has an email and the majority of emails are being pushed directly to people’s smartphones, tablets, and laptops. So, be creative, interesting, and engaging, and use email advertising to your advantage to secure clients and maintain your business relationships!

About the Author:

Shawn Finder is an investor, entrepreneur, and founder of ExchangeLeads Inc.  ExchangeLeads Inc is a global B2B software that allows companies of all sizes to exchange their B2B marketing leads for new pinpoint accurate leads.  Our built in technology  cleans, verifies and ensures that only the highest quality leads are output from our software into your marketing funnels.  To learn more about our software, or book a free strategy session with our founder, please click here.