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    Email Marketing

  • Deluxe plan with free bonus contacts for the lifetime of the accountInfusionsoft email marketing, CRM & ecomm. platform - ESSENTIALS plan
  • Infusionsoft account upgrade on preferential terms
  • We work with you to import your database into your Infusionsoft account, applying basic tags for segmentations and creating up to 10 customised fields for you. We will also update/upgrade your segmentation on a regular basis as your database and business grow.Database migration and ongoing segmentation
  • Kick off your relationship with new leads with a new lead welcome email campaign to boost conversionsWelcome Lead to Client Conversion Email Campaign Template
  • Nurture your clients by sending them emails to encourage new and repeat deposits and boost revenues on exisiting tradersClient Upsell/Cross-sell Email Campaign Template
  • Establish yourself as experts in your area of expertise/industry with an educational campaign and value-based emails . Also helps build brand awareness and brand loyaltyEducation Email Campaign Template
  • Reduce the amount of call time wasted by account managers and sales staff from missed and repeat calls with an automated email campaign to elicit lead and client interaction/responseMissed Call Follow Up Email Campaign Template
  • Increase revenues for your business with a re-engagement email campaign to reestablish a relationship and business with leads who are no longer actively engaging with your business.Old Lead Re-activation Email Campaign Template
  • Boost platform awareness and create a community of traders around your brand with a social media interaction email campaignSocial Media Email Campaign Template
  • Provide interactive value and education to your clients and leads with a webinar invitations and post-event follow up email campaignsWebinar Invite & Follow Up Email Campaign Template
  • Excite and motivate your clients to do more business with you with a fun and engaging contest (including invitation, update and winner announcement emails)Trader Competition Email Campaign Template
  • Make your emails sing with professional, branded email designs and stand out from the competition. Templates are fully tested for rendering across multiple devices and set up in your email marketing platform for immediate and repeated useCustom Branded Email Template (Graphics, HTML coding)
  • Feel confident that you will get the most out of your email marketing investment with professional support and advice from our team of expertsExpert 1:1 email support

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