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Content vs Promo Emails: How To Maximize Trader Retention standard

Sending emails to your clients is essential for keeping in touch with them so that they think of your brand first when they decide to trade the markets. However, what kind of emails are you sending out; promotional or content? Or both? Sending emails to educate your clients on what they can gain from trading is vital to increase awareness of your brand and showcase your expertise in the industry. But, it is also essential to leave room for those all-important promotional emails which will help you to dramatically boost deposit volumes; such as a 100% deposit bonus or a limited time only risk free trade. Thus, you need to ensure that you are sending enough of both so that you ...

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Attracting Leads With Attractive Emails standard

How The Design Of Your Email Can Shape Your Trader Relationships They say to never judge a book by its cover, but that is far from accurate when it comes to your emails. Your emails should represent your company and give you a reputable name in the trading industry. It is your chance to shine and really entice your readers to want to deposit again and again with your brand. Yes, your content, call-to-actions and subject lines might be extremely interesting to your reader; but if at first glance your email does not look professional, clean and eye-catching you have potentially just lost a new trader. The look and feel of your emails impact whether your potential traders will have ...

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Holy 158% Increased Click-Through Rates, Batman! standard

If you believe that email marketing should stay separate from social media, now is the time to find out that this is far from the truth. You want to do everything possible to lure in new customers, right? So what better way than combining the two most powerful marketing tools together? When done correctly, social media can have an incredible impact on your email marketing methods; they can go together like Batman and Robin. Alone they have their own individual power, but when combined they can take on the world. There are over 1.44 billion active users on Facebook, with this number growing 13 percent year-on-year (Facebook). So why wait any longer to attract these users? Create a path between ...

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Are You Missing Out On The Majority Of Your Readership? standard

Imagine this. David, a reader of your blog and a loyal subscriber, gets that super cool mobile that he has wanted for ages! Thankfully, your site is mobile friendly and you’ve even worked on getting more mobile readers on your email list. So you are all set. David can get his new phone and still be able to read everything on your site clearly, as if he were reading it on a laptop. Later on, David receives his first email from your new email marketing campaign to his mobile and excitedly opens it on his new hi-res screen. But, wait – what’s going on with all the text? Why is it all squashed together and how come none of the ...

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