There is nothing more disheartening than eagerly opening your door on Christmas Eve to Carol singers, only to find them singing completely off key.

And, this is the feeling many readers may get when opening your emails. You put all your effort into hitting the inbox and getting them opened, but once your contact starts reading your boring and dull content is like a “tone-def carol singers” slap in the face.

Creating compelling content appears easy. But crafting an email that is worth a space in your reader’s overloaded inbox is a different story all together.

Email content hugely differs to how you write your blog or social media posts.

In short, your emails need to contain information that is of true value to your reader and not just another waffling email on how great your product is – those are the emails that get pushed to the back of the queue, collecting virtual dust; never to be opened again.

For the ultimate way to avoid the dreaded click of the trash can, ensure that your emails have the perfect mix of visuals, content and interaction.

Here are some great tips to guarantee your emails are brimming with valuable content that will increase engagement and, in term, boost your conversion rates:

It’s Only Ever Been You…

Make your content something that your potential customer will look forward to.

Try offering something for free without asking for something in return.

How about giving away an ebook, whitepaper, some ‘insider tips’, or a free consultation?

Everyone loves a freebie and it makes them feel special. The biggest benefit of this to you, is that when people receive something of true value for free (!), there is an underlying human need to reciprocate – meaning they’re more likely to be willing to purchase something from you later on.

Try to keep the information you are providing in your emails separate from your social media sites, so that you reader feels as though it is exclusively for them and it cannot be found elsewhere else.

Always focus on serving up pure value in your emails – not just using them as a pretty looking stocking filler to say what YOU want.

Hey, Good Looking!

Visuals and graphics can be the main reason behind capturing your reader’s attention before they even start scanning your written content.

So, why is this?

It’s because the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text!

Adding some branding or colour to your emails, some fun call-to-action’s and an image or two can lure your reader into interacting with your email.

For example, a description of an amazing new holiday offer may sound great. But, there is nothing like a good image to really get your reader envisioning that they already on that beautiful holiday!


Wouldn’t you love to be here right now? I know I would!


Who Said That?

How about using someone else’s words instead of your own?

Sounds strange, right? But it works wonders! Gather up as many testimonials as you can and pop them in your email. People love to know what others think of a product or service that they are dwelling on buying.

So, offering your audience the chance to read ‘real-life’ feedback of your brand, such as a customer who has been raving about your product on a social media site, works like magic within your emails.

When a potential customer can see how ‘real people’ have benefited from your product/service, it gives them more of an incentive to want to try it out too.

Check out how Marie Forleo’s B-School simply, yet so effectively, combines testimonials with attractive visuals:


Let’s Get Social…

A scone on its own is delicious. Jam on its own is scrumptious. But, in unison they take your taste buds to heady new heights! The same can be said of a tasty little email marketing and social media combo.

jam-cream-sconesThrow in a social media link to your emails -for example, your Facebook page – and let your readers see for themselves that you are a trusted and legitimate company.

According to the SocialTimes, adding social sharing buttons to your email messages may increase click-through rates by more than 150%.

This is due in part to the fact that adding a social sharing option to your emails increases your brands authority and gives your reader the chance to share your offer/product, or your fantastically compelling info!

So, to ensure your email has the voice of an angel, try and combine all these tips in order to get your readers wanting more from your company and truly anticipate your next email.

Happy singing!