If you think that email marketing involves open rates, subject lines, content and bringing in customers in a short time frame, then… you’re correct.

So, when you send emails to your contacts and they don’t open them or read them, you should just remove those people from your list, right? WRONG!

Have you ever signed up to a company newsletter or offer and ended up receiving emails from them twice a week, three times a week, maybe more; emails that you continually ignore and never open?

This is not unusual for companies across the board.

So, does this mean that email is dead?

Definitely not; email is as alive as ever with McKinsey & Company stating that email conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion.

And better yet, even if your emails are not being opened, something very clever is still taking place which makes it important (no, vital!) that you keep sending messages to your contact list.

This ‘special something’ that happens with every email you send is: Top Of Mind Always.

This means that even if your emails are not being opened, they are still being noticed. Perhaps your emails are being scanned over, scrolled past or deleted on arrival. However, each and every time, your contact is SEEING your company name.

Just think about this for a moment.

You come across a hotel booking website (let’s call it HotelLove), enter your details and then get back to your daily routine, not even remembering that you signed up.

From then on you receive numerous emails from them, with spot on subject lines; “50% off hotels for the next month!”

These are fantastic offers… but, there is no way you are going to buy them. You’ve just been promoted and taking a holiday now would not look good to the boss. Or, perhaps you have just had a baby and holidays are the last thing on your mind.

But, then… a year later, you have settled into your new job or your baby is old enough to take abroad with you, and the idea of a holiday sounds great.

“Right, time to start planning to book. Where shall I start. Oh wait, let’s check out what HotelLove have on offer now – they have offers on all the time that they email me about.”

You go home, open your emails and there it is, right in front of you. HotelLove’s 50% off offer. And, HotelLove just gained another customer – a year later!

Chilton Research found that 34% of major-purchase consumers waited at least seven months to complete their purchase, and 27% more bought over a year later.

The key in this case is to make sure that you are always being seem by your leads and clients so that when they are ready to buy what you have to offer, you will be the first company that springs to their mind. They have been seeing your name pop up in their inbox over and over, and now you are the main player in that market place in their eyes…

…even if they have not opened your emails for months.

Your email marketing efforts are essential in order to keep your potential customers aware of your business, so they know that you’re around when they are ready.

So, continue to check your open rates and click through rates, but also remember that even when your messages are not being interacted with on a physical level, you are still marketing your business on a more sub-conscious one.

“Prospects buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell.”

-Tiz G. Corta, CEO, DVFX-