Are You Really Creating D.E.M.A.N.D. For Your Business? Part 1/6

Want to stop your leaking out of your business and into the competitions’?

The answer lies in creating real DEMAND with real effective email communication. Here’s what you need to do.


The only purpose of a subject line is to get people to open your email. It’s the DOOR to your email. That is it. And there are a number of ways that you can structure and construct your subject lines to encourage people to open the door to your email communication.

  • For example, subject lines which contain odd numbers work very well. If you received an email with the subject line stating How I made $12,533.07 in 12 days using this newspaper ad, it would be more believable than if the subject line stated a rounded up number such as, How I made $13,000 in 1 week with this newspaper ad.


  • Using scarcity triggers in your subject lines can also boost open rates. If you include phrases such as “final notice” or “limited time only”, your recipients will likely fall into the FOMO trap (Fear Of Missing Out) and, in turn, take action to open your email to ensure that they get whatever you have to offer before it is too late.


  • Similarly, people love to hear negative or bad news. Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, bad news sells like sex. All you need to do is open up a newspaper and take a look at the stories reported. Nine times out of ten, it will be a report about a disaster, murder, injustice, famine or epidemic of some sort.


  • Another underused subject line hack is the use of “RE:” at the start. By using “RE:” you start your subject line as if you were replying to an email which the recipient sent to you. The theory here is that when you receive an email that is supposedly a reply to an email that YOU sent first, you will open it.


  • Finally, the use of question marks is also very powerful in subject lines. The human mind is wired to want answers to questions, so if the subject line contains a question mark, people are naturally predisposed to open the email in order to get the answer.


So, now that we have a subject line, how about the body of the email?

Just like the only purpose of the subject line is to get someone to open your email, the number one purpose of your email body is to get someone to click on your link.

In the next post we will use a real life email case study to illustrate the remaining elements of the DEMAND model.

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