Let’s say you’re at Starbucks.

Starbucks is your favorite place to get your coffee. Today you decided to reward yourself and indulge in some decadent chocolate cake along with your coffee.

So, you order your cake and coffee. You sit down; take a few sips of your coffee and a bite of your cake…which is to die for!

Then the Starbucks attendant steps in and says you have to get up from your table and continue in the next room.

It’s enough to make you boiling mad, right? Just when you are really enjoying something, someone comes in a ruins your moment!

Unfortunately, email newsletters can be like that too…

You open the newsletter; you start reading about a topic that’s of great interest to you. You’re about 100 words into the newsletter and suddenly you can’t read any more. You have to click and go to the website to get the rest of the story.

Yes, you still get your “treat”, but it’s a bit of an inconvenience.

Or is it?

The purpose of an email newsletter is to create engagement. Simple as that…

Here are two distinct methods to get your prospects to engage;

Method 1: The entire “treat”

Method 2: The “aroma”

Let’s break down these two methods — what they mean, what they do, and why you may not actually have to choose just one of them to have a successful email marketing strategy.

We’ll start with Method 1: the full indulgence/entire treat

This means you never have to click on anything. Once you’ve opened the newsletter, you can continue to read the article from start to finish.

However, that’s only part of the engagement.

Once you finish your overindulgent treat, you’re offered a glass of water. It’s refreshing and it is something you really want, but to get it, you have to get up and go to the other room. In our case, the glass of water may be a special free report or ebook. In most cases, we sell products, services or courses.

They way prospects engage here is fairly simple: once the treat is consumed, they are driven to your website.

But of course, that’s not the only email marketing strategy for engaging the client. If you like, you can just give the client the aroma instead.

Now on to Method 2: just the “aroma” or the “tease” [in proper marketing terms]

You create just enough curiosity or controversy with your headline and initial paragraphs for the reader to click through to your website to get more information.

This method of engagement is used widely among bloggers, in their newsletters, because they want their readers to go to the blog, watch the video, read the article, and then comment.

So, what they generate is a ton of engagement. And of course the best way to create this engagement is to leave the reader in a state of intense curiosity; so much so that they’re compelled to click.

It’s all about the aroma, the aroma, and nothing but the aroma.

You don’t have to choose one system or the other.

You can create the tease and pull your clients to the space where you want to engage them. Or, you can give them the entire article in the newsletter itself, and then use the “tease” factor to get them to see some product, service, or course you’re offering (or will offer in future).

There’s no “right” form of engagement. You just have to decide which one suits your business best.

Remember; the purpose of your newsletter is to create engagement.

Which of the two email marketing strategies described here do you use the most?

Do you use one or the other exclusively? Or do you use both?